Managed Services

Find out how our managed services can help your business to manage your processes with an outsourced solution.

Cloud systems facilitate the way business processes can be delivered from anywhere, with the right professionals, maintaining full business flexibility.

To deliver your projects you need the right know how, processes and systems. These require both consultancy and hiring or using talented people. But often these activities are time critical and may be temporary thus not always requiring full time personnel.

Our Managed Services enable you to respond to these challenges. We’ll configure your system and processes and bring a professional in to work with your team in delivering the results. We’ll leverage our vast experience in preparing pre-configured systems, and work together with you on improving processes and policies based on best practices.

All you have to do is select the right professional from your team to support you and you can have our most senior team assisting him/her.

Our Managed Services

Through managed services we're as committed to the delivery date as you are. With this service we'll use the procedures, policies and systems necessary to achieve the goals you need.

We have a team of experienced professionals available to support you through various Managed Services. The service catalog is growing as an increasing number of clients is seeking to buy results instead of just the tools.

Discover more about our Managed Services below.

Have a fully functional PMO at your disposal. Including project manager, best practice policies and processes and a state of the art project management system to manage all information and report.

This PMO allows total flexibility adapting to the ambition in the number and complexity of projects being delivered.

Also it allows you to place a project control structure in place quickly, minimizing risk and protecting your investment while maximizing the results from your project, program or portfolio.

If your project managers can’t keep up with all project requirements such as reporting, maintaining the plan updated, among other tasks, talk with us.

We can assist you allows you to put an important set of processes in place quickly, to manage and report on the entire portfolio of projects that your company executes. Alternatively, you can use it to manage a particular project simply during its duration.

There is much we can do remotely to help you manage your transformation and change projects.

In case it is necessary, we can also go on-site to assist you in the process of mapping how change will impact all the stakeholders across your organization. We can help you identify the individual goals that drive this process and help these stakeholders transition while explaining how/why such a change matters to them.

We can work together to evaluate your requirements and propose a clear action plan that meets your goals in an efficient way.


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