What we do

Our goal is to increase our customers competitiveness by providing business solutions and services in the most cost-effective approach possible, through:

  • Out of the box pre-configured business solutions;
  • Online consulting services; 
  • On site Consulting Services;
  • Managed Services;
  • Offshore or nearshore configuration services for Office 365 and Dynamics 365;
  • Technical and Business Support for O365 and Dynamics 365;
  • Assistance in buying and deploying O365 and Dynamics 365 solutions; 

Results are achieved through a packaged approach to consulting, leveraging new tools and channels that we all have at our disposal.

Online consulting services

Cloud systems, cloud consulting!

Whenever face to face consulting is not required, our online technical specialists can assist you in the configuration, migration and adoption of cloud-based solutions, in days or weeks instead of months;

Our specialists will first study your requirements, check if there are opportunities for improvements based on what we have and propose a configuration before we discuss with you.

Our goal is to assist you in the most cost-effective way possible.

Security wise, we only access your cloud systems with your permission and you can watch what we are doing during the configuration. Once the configuration access is done, we will ask you to change the password.

On-Site Consulting

Some things are better done face to face, typically for discussing business model, training, coaching and change management activities

We know how projects are important to organizations. Companies adapt and thrive through projects. Entire strategies are delivered through projects that keep the company updated with market trends through continued innovation. If they fail, transformation is delayed and companies loose competitiveness and become vulnerable.

  • Business process optimization and digital transformation;
  • Project and Portfolio Management;
  • Agile project management;
  • Business Models and Investment Analysis;
  • High performance collaborative teams;
  • Discrete manufacturing planning and controlling;
  • GDPR;
  • Sales and Marketing Management;
  • Project Services Automation;
  • IT Governance models;
  • Change Management.

This is our focus: To help our clients deliver better projects and obtain a better return on their investments.

Managed Services

In case you wish to delegate a business process can only be done remotely, we have a team of experienced professionals available to support you through various Managed Services.

The service catalogue is growing as an increasing number of clients is choosing to buy results rather than simply subscribe to the tools.

Currently we provide the following managed services:

Managed Project Management Office:

This is a mix remote/on site service, handled locally by a very senior PMO manager with more than 15 of experience, where we coordinate local project management teams in:

  • Defining the project management processes, the project control points, dashboards and training in best practices;
  • Managing compliance at a timesheet level as well as project updates, risk, issues and status reports;
  • Follow up on project status and coach local project managers;
  • Hire/contract project managers.

Managed Project Support Office: 

This is a remote service where we assist local PMO or local project management teams in:

  • Managing compliance at a timesheet level as well as project updates, risk, issues and status reports;

Managed Projects:

Where we can provide you with the right person in the right place to make sure your projects are handled correctly by a seasoned and certified professional.

Offshore or nearshore configuration services for Office 365 and Dynamics 365:

Do you have an idea or requirement that you would like to see implemented in Office 365 or dynamic 365?

Our certified and experienced consultants can assist you in making it happen. We can discuss what is the best approach and propose a design solution before we implement.

Currently SHIFT designs and deploys solutions using the following Microsoft technologies:

  • Project online;
  • PowerApps;
  • Flow;
  • Planner;
  • Teams;
  • Dynamics CRM;
  • VSTS (Visual Studio Team System).

Technical and Business Support for O365 and Dynamics 365

Do you have a question or issue on how to use this?

Our best practices ITIL processes will make sure no issue gets lost or delayed. Our specialized team will contact you and explain the right procedure or in case of a nasty bug we will request immediate correction with the right team.

The remote service can operate in several different SLA and schedules.

We provide support for all applications in O365 and Dynamics 365 Sales and PSA module.

Assistance in buying and deploying O365 and Dynamics 365 solutions

Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 licensing is becoming more and more complex.

No worries! We have specialized professionals who can assist you in understanding the best mix of licenses for your needs and optimize the cost and functional coverage of the licenses.

Since we are certified Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Providers) you can also buy the licenses from us and we’ll make you a special discount.

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