Shift 2 Hybrid (S2Hybrid)

Projects don’t necessarily have dedicated teams and quite often they rely on specialized teams to perform a phase, deliverable or work package.

Traditional project management tools typically provide a good forecast project perspective but not a good team perspective.

Agile tools are visually appealing but are poor in providing a global project/portfolio perspective, in forecasting all work capacity and capacity planning.

SHIFT developed a solution, S2Hybrid, integrating Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner or other agile tool (like VSTS) to help control projects evolution in a simple, complete and accurate way.

the concept


Team leader defines the resources and priorities


Traditional project management tool (microsoft Project):

Define Task, Start & Finish date and Check list template

agile project management tool (microsoft Planner):

Report % of Complete Task and Change in start and/or finish date


S2Hybrid allows bidirectional integration between  Traditional and Agile project management tools.

S2HYBRID value for the business

Better Team Accountability

Team Accountability

The team has the ability to prioritize work, confirm dates and add specific instructions to their team members such as check list for specific user instructions.

better user accontability


Users can report their card and quickly understand the activities that they are responsible as well as update progress.

better communication

Agile and Project integration

Agile report is integrated with Project report.

Better quality of information

Team Engagement

Better quality of information through better team engagement and buy in.

Simple as 1-2-3


  1. Identify directly in the Plan if the task should be managed in a team;
  2. Assign resources to tasks and adjust the start or finish dates;
  3. Use the task check list to report progress back to Plan.

Optionally you can define a template of check items for each project task.

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