Shift 2 Demand (S2Demand)

Project Management is about delivering projects the right way.

Demand Management is the right way to know what are the right projects by requesting, qualifying and deciding on the best portfolio of projects for your organization.

The best project will be the one that contributes to deliver your company strategy, with better return on investment and lower risk or a combination of these 3 factors.

SHIFT developed a solution, S2Demand, integrating Project Online, Power Apps, Flow, Planner, Teams, Dynamics CRM to help you determine the best portfolio of projects for your company.

goals for the s2demand

Primary Goal

primary goal:

Obtain the best possible return from projects by: 

  1. Promoting an adequate diligence regarding estimated costs / benefits;

  2. Drive accountability regarding expected results;

  3. Maximize results by comparing the best combination of projects (instead of one by one). 

Secundary Goals

Secundary goals:

  1. Provide an effective support for internal governance procedures;

  2. Having an auditable process;

  3. Minimize change by using Office 365.

Portfolio optimization

S2Demand uses Microsoft’s modern workspace stack (Project online, Power apps, Flow, Planner, Teams, Dynamics CRM) to help you to:

  • Define the best scenario with the cost limit defined; 
  • Define which projects provide the best value for your priorities with the less money;
  • Understand which projects you may not have capacity to address;
  • Simulate subcontracts or change start and finish dates to optimize resource usage.

S2Demand available modules

Base Solution

S2Demand Base Modules
  • Project identification (reason to do, origin, scope);
  • Business relationship manager (Analysis and maturity Score);
  • Architecture review (which system);
  • PMO qualification and project integration (move forward or not).

Extended Solution

Extended Solution
  • Risk analysis (Risk score);
  • Financial analysis (Economic score – NPV, ROI);
  • Strategic alignment and scope (strategic value of the project);
  • Benefits analysis (other financial or non financial KPI’s);
  • Other custom information (specific requirements).

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