Shift 2 Better Manufacturing

SHIFT developed a solution, based in Office 365 products, to help planning and control for discrete manufacturing.

With that solution we aim to facilitate communication across all sectors, reduce costs through better efficiency in using resources and improve relationship and experience of customers though most effective communication and collaboration.

Microsoft’s cloud technologies are always available and up to date, inside or outside the office and regardless of the device used.

Below we explain more about how our solution can help you to improve your results.

The manufacturing solution is divided in four stages


Registration of commercial opportunities shared by the sales team, with actions definitions and rules for opportunities qualification.

Improved understanding of production capacity, during commercial phase, automatic proposal configurator and generator, fast calculation of test date and capacity analysis. 



From the proposal configurator, the system automatically create a Project with the best-known planning for the specific mold, this allows to rapidly calculate the test date and the impact of the new mold on organizational productive resources and to make decisions concerning the priorities over other projects, alterations and corrections and subcontract or not specific parts of the production.

Execution & Control

In the execution phase, this solution allows to upload a list of pieces for purchase and production planning effects.

Production planning allows to prioritize activities per section and resources using Kanban boards.

Each employee receives the priorities through an app available in a kiosk or tablet where they can report progress, results and working hours.

Customer Engagement


The solution also allows collaboration tools with the client, through the exchange of messages and files with versioning and dates control as well as any other relevant information to the execution of work.

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