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Our mission is to increase our customers competitiveness by providing productivity solutions and services in the most cost effective way possible.

We achieve this through a fresh approach to consulting, leveraging the new tools and channels that we all have at our disposal.

Microsoft Certified Partner


We know how projects are important to organizations. Companies adapt and thrive through projects. Entire strategies are delivered through projects that keep the company updated with market trends through continued innovation.

If they fail, transformation is delayed and companies loose competitiveness and become fragile.

This is our focus. To help our clients deliver better projects and obtain a better return on their investments.

Cloud Technology

"The cloud changed the paradigm for companies of all sizes. It makes powerful technologies accessible and easy to adopt and use"


Flexibility - Transform your IT investments into an operational cost and manage that according to your needs. Anytime, anywhere, is a concept that is here to stay, and that means the information stays with the user, regardless of the device.

Scalable - You will no longer have concerns about the capacity and maintenance of your hardware, or go through the nightmare of having to update your systems to the latest version.

Cost Effective - Replace your software, infrastructure costs and risk with reliable services. Microsoft's services in the cloud are highly reliable and backed by SLA.

Secure - The cloud is the safest way. Software providers invest billions in making sure that the right security measures are in place, and take full responsibility for that. Microsoft was the first (and so far only) supplier to be certified by the EU authorities for data protection (Article 29 Working Party).

Best PractiCes

"Project Management is embedded in our DNA"

Our professionals are qualified with several international Project Management certifications. Moreover, they have extensive experience in a variety of scenarios accross multiple industries and geographies.

That is what enables our professionals to advise you on how to refine these best practices to reflect your reality and actually help you meet your goals.

Among other benefits, this input will allow you to:

  • Normalize procedures,
  • Identify and improve on key processes to allow better communication and accountability,
  • Improve communication and collaboration.

Change management

“Businesses, innovate and grow through change”

Companies are made of people and change will only be effective when people accept and embrace that change, and commit to that journey.

There is much we can do remotely to help you manage change. But in case it is necessary, we can also assist you locally in the process of mapping how change will impact all the stakeholders accross your organization.

We can help you identify the individual goals that drive this process, and help these stakeholders transition while explaining how/why such a change matters to them.

Managed Services


We have a team of experienced professionals available to support you through various Managed Services. The service catalog is growing as an increasing number of clients is choosing to buy results rather than simply subscribe to the tools.

More details here.

Made in Portugal

“Increasingly attractive as a nearshore outsourcing location, Portugal has the innate ability to work in a multicultural context”

Well-positioned in the core of the EU, Portugal’s governance and stability indicators are highly positive. As a mature Western European democracy that is part of the Schengen pact and a member of the Eurozone, Portugal is in line with its prospective investors and clients and well ahead of the Eastern European countries.


There are also several highly respected universities, in the fields of engineering and management, including two of the world’s best business schools.


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