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Why the Cloud?

Nowadays, you can't run your business without IT but you can run the IT outside of your business.

So, what can the cloud do for your business?

Cloud-based solutions give you the flexibility to use IT services and solutions as long as they are of use to you by eliminating upfront perpetual licensing, infrastructure costs and local IT management costs for servers AND better security.

Information technology is permanently changing, so why commit to long term engagements?  With the cloud you have permanently on and always updated systems taking less risk and focusing on your business.

Subscribe as you use and replace traditional long-term commitments with value-based commitments.

In summary the Cloud can bring you:

Increased flexibility for your business - Transform your IT investments into an operational cost and manage that according to your needs. Anytime, anywhere, is a concept that is here to stay, and that means the information stays with the user, regardless of the device.

Solutions that scale with your business - You will no longer have concerns about the capacity and maintenance of your hardware, nor face the nightmare of having to update your systems to the latest version.

Cost effective approach to IT- Replace your software, infrastructure costs and risk with reliable services. Microsoft's services in the cloud are highly reliable and backed by strong Service Level Agreements.

More security - The cloud is the safest way. Software providers invest billions of USD more than you in making sure that the right security measures are in place and are accountable for that. Microsoft was the first (and so far, only) supplier to be certified by the EU authorities for data protection (Article 29 Working Party).

However, the challenge remains in tailoring these solutions to your needs, migrating your existing content, and training your teams to adopt and use these systems. Traditionally, this would require a heavy investment in time and costly consulting services.